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Hawaii Dan's Motorcycle Tours   

                  Our objective is to ensure that you have an extraordinary experience while riding in Oahu. Whether you want to visit the Diamond Head, Aloha Tower, Laie, The North Shore etc. HaDaMoTo.COM offers incomparable motorbike rides in the parts of Oahu you desire to explore. If you are looking for a spectacular, one of a kind, motorcycle ride you have found the right place to start your tour.

                  Why would you use a motorcycle tour company? The answer is simple: our team of experienced motorcycle guides can offer you the kind of personal knowledge that a map and an information sheet cannot match, as they know the best routes and the history that only locals know!

                  HaDaMoTo offers adventure travel enthusiasts not only motorcycle rides in fantastic top destinations around Oahu, but also provides the option of packaged motorcycle tours. We will suggest a diversity of routes, accommodated to your to the sites you want to see and to your motorcycle riding skills and experience.  

                  Our professional motorcycle guides will provide you with an experienced and safe guidance throughout many fantastic scenic routes. HaDaMoTo has the perfect guided or self-drive motorcycle tour ready to take you there. You may choose from the following tours: Guided Tours, Group Tours, Individual Tours, Circle Island Tours, 1/2 Day tours, plus the Captains Ride*! (*Passenger, No License required).

                  We look forward to seeing you!

                  Fees: Our fees may vary accordingly to the length of the ride and the routes chosen.

                Thank you very much for being interested in our services! 

Contact Information

As we might not be able to answer your calls at all times (please consider the fact that Hawaii is on UTC-10h time, you may leave us a message with your contact information mentioning, also, a time frame when it would be most convenient for you to be reached, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have internet access, we would appreciate your filling up our feedback form. Thus, you may qualify for an additional 5% discount off the guide fee.


(808) 9HI-DIAS


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