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MS Access Application Development

AFFORDABLE TECH can build incredibly powerful, yet low cost applications using Microsoft Access.  We have expert MS Access database developers on staff and freelance MS Access developers with years of experience building applications in every version of MS Access from MS Access 1.1 through MS Access 2002, (MS Access XP).  AFFORDABLE TECH builds MS Access applications using the native Jet engine or MSDE that ships with MS Access, or we will build a full client server MS Access application using SQL Server.  Our applications are data rich, with smooth, business-like user interfaces.  We can even make your MS Access data available on the web with the same look and feel that you are used to in windows based applications!

MS Access Consulting Screenshot


AFFORDABLE TECH has a number of templates that we use in our development process that allow us to quickly generate easy to use, friendly and efficient data entry screens and reports. 

Our techniques give our applications a special almost 3-dimensional view of the business data that today's managers demand.  We can even include live, dynamic graphs, right on the data forms the users see day to day.

Microsoft  Access Project "Takeovers"
We have found that many of our clients have developed their own MS Access database applications.  Microsoft designed MS Access as a tool for power users and casual developers to use and develop smaller applications.  This ability for power users to build MS Access applications is a double-edged sword.  Its wonderful to see how much an MS Access developer can accomplish using the tools that Microsoft provides.  Occasionally, though, developers will get in over their heads, and need an MS Access expert to come in to simplify and straighten out their project.

Other times, companies will have projects with MS Access consultants and the MS Access consultant leaves for some reason.  Our clients have found that we can quickly understand the existing framework and help maintain or salvage these projects.

What is clear, is that MS Access can be an extremely powerful tool when used correctly.  AFFORDABLE TECH can help take your MS Access projects and MS Access Tracking software to higher levels.

Microsoft Access Data Corruption Repair
AFFORDABLE TECH is often first hired when something goes wrong.  The existing MS Access Data has become corrupt.  Normally, we can fix these issues.  Sometimes, its as simple as running the MS Access Repair and Compact utility, other times fixing corrupt data requires more in-depth procedures.  We then attempt to find the source of the corruption, and make recommendations so that corruption doesn't happen again.

Microsoft Access VBA Help/Consulting and Microsoft  Access VB Help
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), is a powerful programming language based on Microsoft's Visual Basic language.  AFFORDABLE TECH's always uses VBA for it's MS Access application development efforts, and we can help you too.  We understand the in's and out's of VBA and the gotcha's.  It is powerful when used by professional developers.   If you need help converting MS Access Macros (which don't work well, and quickly get out of hand) to VBA, AFFORDABLE TECH can help you there as well.

Excel Upgrades to Microsoft  Access
Often, managers or other power users develop applications in Excel.  Excel is a fabulous "Sandbox" for taking data and analyzing it, manipulating it and prototyping how an application might behave.  At some point in the process, Excel spreadsheets become unwieldy to manage.  Sometimes its because the data and calculations in a particular spreadsheet become to complex.  Other times its because each month, or for each product or location, a user will make copies of a "template" spreadsheet, and then enter data into the new spreadsheet.  Before long, the user has a set of files, not a set of unified data.  Then, worse, new ideas come about and the outcome is different "versions" of the spreadsheet in question.

This is the point at which MS Access can be used to great benefit.  MS Access can do almost everything that Excel can do, provided that the calculations and analysis are well defined and stable.  Excel is better when you need a blank sheet of paper each time, or when data requirements are still quickly changing.  Once stabilized, MS Access applications can be written that codify and document the process that was designed and created in Excel.  AFFORDABLE TECH has a great deal of experience converting such spreadsheets to Access applications, for even some of the largest organizations in the world!

Proof-of-Concept/Prototyping Services/Paper Prototypes

Once we have finished the planning and design stage of a solution, AFFORDABLE TECH can provide you with a prototype application and/or data structures to test out the viability of the concept. This service will empower you to mitigate technical risks and/or accelerate the formation of a project team prior to the development or deployment of your IT solution.  We strive to Keep I.T. Simple!  Sometimes, the old pen and paper works best to simply sit down and draw out in free hand the way screens might look.  This allows us to communicate with our clients in a simple, cost effective way that is overlooked by many MS Access consultants.

Custom Solution Services and Microsoft  Access Application Help
AFFORDABLE TECH can develop the full blown needs of an MS Access application development cycle to provide the overall solution to your business needs.  Our SQL programmers have the real world experience necessary to build the right solution for your company.  Because we also build distributed database systems, we can also solve your distributed database problems.

Database Trouble Shooting, Optimization, Performance Tuning and Microsoft Access Bugs

If you've already got a database solution up and running, but its having reliability or speed or efficiency problems, AFFORDABLE TECH can help you discover the root cause of the problems and provide solutions sets that meet your budget requirements and business needs.

MSDE - Microsoft Database Engine

MSDE is Microsoft's personal version of its SQL Server product line.  It is a fully functional SQL Server, with licensing restrictions, and a few limitations imposed by the operating system.   It is the intermediate step between Microsoft Access and SQL Server, and can be used on laptops and standalone machines.   If you need help upsizing to MSDE, or need help understanding how MSDE works, we can help you.  With appropriate licensing, you can even create a distributed database MSDE application. 


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