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We can build for you custom web pages according to the standards required by your type of business. We can also take care of the rest of the process, from posting the pages to our/your choice of server(s) to submitting your site to at least 20 popular search engines, etc. In other words, we complete our work from A to Z, which spares you from stressful and time consuming details.

The following are the three convenient, nevertheless extremely affordable Option Plans we are offering.

Since the work we perform not only represents our style, though also distinguishes us in front of the business community, we take full responsibility for the appearance, nevertheless performance of the web sites created by us. Therefore, we decided to offer you the following alternatives:

Option Plans:

  •  Lease

    You have exclusive content rights only; changes to the site can only be performed by Affordable Tech.

    You agree to let us revise your web site at least once (1 hour) every 6 mo.

    After the work has been completed, we are responsible for the site’s performance (missing links, missing/corrupt pages, bugs, viruses etc) . Under this plan only we offer life time guarantee for the site’s up to date performance.


  • Limited rights

    You have exclusive content rights, and host site access with webmasters approval only (no sexually/pornographic or any illegal activities etc.). Although hosting passwords are being provided to you, the webmaster has to be consulted before changing anything at the site. Deleting, or altering pages without the webmasters approval could result in the annulment of our contract.

    You agree to let us revise your web site at least once (2 hours) every 6 mo.

    We are responsible for the site’s performance (missing links, missing/corrupt pages, viruses etc) after the work has been completed, only if the site has not been affected by “bugs” introduced by you (if you alter the site/pages and then submit/publish it unsupervised by us).


  • Exclusive rights

    The client is either responsible to find a host/server of his/her choice, or must authorize us to use his/her personal info (credit card etc) in order to pay another company* (by another company* we are referring to a company not affiliated to us in any way) chosen by us for hosting & search engine submittals.

    After the work has been completed, Affordable Tech is not responsible for the site’s performance (missing links, missing/corrupted pages, viruses, etc) .

    We do provide training for clients who are not familiar with hosting procedure, or any other modus operandi related to web posting.  Training is charged at $45 to $100 per hour (depending on the complexity of the training and the number of people attending).

Our basic sites are being completed in approximately 5 hours.


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